Andy Heathcote keeping fit; adopting the keto lifestyleAndy Heathcote is Mr Keto. He has a passion for bringing fitness and health to everyone with revolutionary products and the keto lifestyle.

How did Mr Keto Learn About the Keto Lifestyle?

Before he was Mr Keto, Andy Heathcote was introduced to ketones by his friend while he was at a retreat. He instantly noticed better health and improved cognitive functioning.

After that, he wanted to take it a step further. Yes, the ketones were amazing, but he knew there was more to learn. He began researching the ketogenic diet and nutrition. His aim was to increase the consumption of healthy fats and cut back on carbohydrates.

Most people start the ketogenic diet to lose weight or improve their body composition, so why did Mr Keto start his diet? He felt that the ketogenic diet was a blessing for his cognitive functioning and helped him age better; the weight-loss was just an extra bonus for him. 

What Else Motivated Andy to Pursue the Keto Lifestyle?

Before ketones and the ketogenic diet, Andy Heathcote was a gas emissions worker. He was entirely focused on his career, working long hours while choosing easy meals over a nutritious diet. These weren’t great conditions for his health, he began to experience brain fog for the first time and noticed his work-outs were getting harder.

Heathcote wasn’t happy with this and he wanted the best for his body. He tried tons of different methods, but eventually, he decided to go to Wim “The Iceman” Hof’s winter retreat to clear up the brain fog and get his health in order; this is where he’d have his first experience with ketones.

From there, Heathcote met a new friend that was using ketones. His friend claimed the ketones would significantly improve his health. Andy was interested and tried the ketones out; he quickly noticed the benefits and researched ketones and, eventually, started the ketogenic diet.

The Journey Begins!

From there, he dived head-first into the keto lifestyle. He believes that his improved gut health led to better cognitive functioning. He believed a large part of it came from cutting sugar and carbs out of his diet.

So what are you waiting for? You can be another success story just like Andy Heathcote by learning more about the keto lifestyle and by using Prüvit’s revolutionary keto-focused products.