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Performance Power

Keto for Athletes and Bodybuilders

From Australia to Europe and the US, ketogenic diets are all the rage these days as more and more people are realizing their potential for burning fat, controlling weight, and improving overall health.

But, does it boost performance as well?

Thanks to its surging popularity and proven fat loss results, keto diets have been gaining more and more attention from the global scientific community. In fact, a recent Italian study looked into this to determine its effect on sport performance. The goal of the study was to research keto’s influence in terms of strength and performance.

The research showed…

Ketones will get you shredded and help your body perform at its absolute best!



In-Depth Study

Insane Results

The study analyzed the body composition and performance of eight elite gymnasts before and after maintaining a keto diet for 30 days. The performance variables analyzed were: pushups, pull ups, hanging leg raises, parallel bar dips, squat jumps, and several other jumping exercises.

Each athlete maintained a ketogenic diet mainly consisting of beef, poultry, veal, fish, cold cuts, eggs, cheese, and leafy green vegetables. The items excluded from their diets included bread, rice, pasta, yogurt, milk, soluble tea, and alcohol.

After the 30-day keto study period, each athlete went back to their normal diets, which consisted mostly of whole grains, potatoes, beef, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole milk, olive oil, and wine. They were in Italy after all.

And the verdict is…

The results of the research study showed a substantial reduction in body weight, fat, and body fat percentage. Meanwhile, each athlete showed a markedly increased lean body mass percentage.

Despite significant fat loss in a short period of time, these results suggest power and strength are not diminished during a keto diet. Another study involving a keto group and high-carbohydrate group also found no difference between the two in terms of strength isometric performance.


Pruvit Plate


Creates Lean, Mean, Performance Machines

The data doesn’t lie.

Keto diets work as advertised.

Not only do they not lead to strength, performance, and muscle loss as some critics have argued, but they actually improve each. If you want to burn up fat like a frying pan, increase lean muscle mass, and perform at your absolute best, keto is definitely the way to go!