Pruvit Keto Reboot

Pruvit’s revolutionary 60 hour Keto Reboot system is designed to help you in resetting your metabolism and engaging your body to run on fat for fuel. By completing this system we can reboot our body back to its native keto state!

On sale once a month only (usually between the 1st and 5th), this is a once monthly reboot. You can take advantage of this program with access to a private Facebook group; where the Keto Reboot coaches give you information, motivation, and help keep you accountable.

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Keto Reboot – What Is It?

Reprogramming your metabolism overnight is no easy feat. To do so and propel your body into fat-burning mode, you need a system reboot. Using premium-quality ketone-based supplements, you can hit the reset button on your body’s fat-burning efficiency, improve your metabolic hormone optimization, and boost your ketone utilization in just a few days.

With the monthly 60-hour Keto Reboot system, you put your body into a calorie deficit and essentially reboot it back to its detoxified, natural state. The Keto Reboot products are designed to assist with the process while helping to maximize energy, preserve lean muscle mass, and control unwanted cravings.

The innovative products and the system itself was designed to introduce people to the powerfully positive effects of ketone technology and the ability to create massive health improvements through the use of simple life hacks.


Who Could Use a Reboot?

Honestly, everyone could use a reboot. However, if you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you could definitely use the Pruvit Keto Reboot Kit.

  • Do you fall into the same diet pitfalls time and time again?
  • Do you want to improve your physical performance?
  • Do you suffer from poor or inconsistent sleep?
  • Do you suffer from energy crashes in the afternoon?
  • Do you often feel hungry and find yourself battling carb cravings?
  • Do you want to boost your focus and mental clarity?
  • Do you feel bloated?

As you can see, almost anyone can benefit from Pruvit’s Keto Reboot system. It was developed to help you create a leaner, fitter, and healthier you!

Why Keto Reboot Is Right for You

Reboot with PruvitIf you want to reprogram your body into a ketone-boosting, fat-burning machine, you need Keto Reboot. This 60-hour cleanse is powered by ketones and far from your average fast. It’s 100 times better. It’s specifically designed to provide the body with long-lasting ketogenic benefits and reboot its systems back to their native states.

By hitting the reset button on your metabolism, you’ll quit struggling to survive on glucose and begin to thrive on ketones. In the process, you’ll feel less bloated, experience more energy, and increase your metabolic efficiency!

There’s no time like the present to become a better you. As a limited release product, Keto Reboot is available once each month. Pruvit users are encouraged to do a monthly reboot for optimum maintenance and continued results.



Inside the Box

Inside each Keto Reboot Kit, you’ll find four innovative, scientifically advanced keto products proven to reset your system and give your body an instant ketone boost.


KETO//OS Max Raspberry Lemonade (4 Packets)

Pruvit’s flagship KETO//OS Max formula was created to help everyone from fitness experts and top athletes to couch potatoes and baby boomers achieve maximum mental and physical power. In other words, it helps people exceed their limitations.

What makes it so effective? it contains Pruvit’s patent-pending BHB salt. This one-of-a-kind salt directly mimics your body’s natural ketones, making it by far the most bioavailable ketone formula ever created.

The Keto Reboot kit includes four packets of this proprietary formula in tasty raspberry lemonade flavour. Two of the packets are charged for an extra energy boost and two of the packets are caffeine-free for later in the day.


KETO//KALM (3 Packets)


KETO//KALM does exactly what its name suggests: it calms you down by clearing your mind and soothing your body in a 100 percent safe and all natural way. Coming in both Chocolate and Caramel Apple flavours, it calms your sweet tooth cravings as well.

You can take KETO//KALM at night before bed to enjoy a quality deep sleep or in the morning to add a blissful calm to your hectic day. It will relieve your body of stress, put an end to late night cravings, and wake up rejuvenated ready to conquer each day.


BETTER//BROTH (4 Packets)

Chicken soup may be good for colds or the soul, but it can be great for your health as well. Made of premium all-natural chicken and beef broth, BETTER//BROTH provides a convenient dose of savoury down home goodness in every bite.

This souped up broth, pardon the pun, is packed full of ketones, protein, amino acids, ac-11, Pruvit’s N8 Bioavailability Blend, and vitamins B12 and B6 for a super dose of health unlike any other. Much more than simple bone broth, BETTER//BROTH is activated with ketones for improved cellular function and DNA signaling, which in turn promotes improved mobility and increased lean muscle growth. Each kit comes with two Keto Thyme and two Salted Caramel flavour packets.


SIGNAL//OS (10 Capsules)


Bio-technology at its finest, SIGNAL//OS is designed to optimise the body at the cellular level and promote DNA repair and renewal for extra longevity, vitality, and quality of life. Loaded with patented bioactive ingredients, this proprietary formula is proven to boost cellular renewal for safe and effective all-natural DNA repair.

In addition to improving cellular and DNA signaling and health, SIGNAL//OS helps improve focus and strengthen the immune system as well.


The Keto Reboot 60-Hour Schedule

Here’s a breakdown of the 60-hour Reboot schedule so you know what to expect:

  • Sunday PM – One packet of KETO//KALM


  • Monday AM – One packet of KETO//OS Max and two capsules of SIGNAL//OS
  • Monday @ Noon – One packet of BETTER//BROTH and two capsules of SIGNAL//OS
  • Monday @ 3 PM – One packet of KETO//OS Max
  • Monday @ 6 PM – One packet of BETTER//BROTH
  • Monday Evening (prior to bed) – One packet of KETO//KALM


  • Tuesday AM – One packet of KETO//OS MAX and two SIGNAL//OS capsules
  • Tuesday @ Noon – One packet ofBETTER//BROTH and two SIGNAL//OS capsules
  • Tuesday @ 3 PM – One packet of KETO//OS Max
  • Tuesday @ 6 PM – One packet of BETTER//BROTH
  • Tuesday Evening (prior to bed) – One packet of KETO//KALM


  • Wednesday AM – Two SIGNAL//OS capsules

The Reboot process begins Sunday night with a calming and delicious cup of hot KETO//KALM tea. It’s important to drink plenty of water, eat a light dinner, and get to bed early for a good night of sleep, which KETO//KALM will obviously help with.

Keto MAX Rapsberry

The Reboot comes to an end a short 60 hours later on Wednesday morning when you take the last two SIGNAL//OS capsules. Although the temptation may be calling you after a few days of deep cleansing, don’t eat a large meal right away. Instead, start your Wednesday off with some BETTER//BROTH, a couple of eggs, some spinach, and possibly a coffee.

The Keto Reboot will help optimise your body’s ability to produce energy and burn fat, but it doesn’t have to stop there. After the Reboot, it’s important to keep optimising both your mind and body. If you’re new to the keto way of life or just getting back into it, the three days following a Reboot is an ideal time to transition into your new keto friendly lifestyle.


Keto Reboot Tips and Hacks for Maximum Results:

  • Supplement with water, tea, or black coffee only
  • Avoid sugar, sweeteners, and any artificial flavourings
  • Relax and exercise lightly
  • Develop a daily routine and stick to the schedule above
  • Think about everything you’re grateful for each evening as you sip your KETO//KALM
  • You’re body talks, so listen to it. Write down how you feel each morning, afternoon, and evening during the monthly Reboot cleanse.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to successfully reboot your system each and every month, maintain the keto lifestyle, and experience maximum long-term results!

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Pruvit Keto Reboot
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First reboot completed

I was to be honest very apprehensive about trying this and going without food for so long, but after the initial discomfort i settled into it and found it very manageable. Enjoyed the products and how they supported the process
Emily blazely, Australia - 26/04/2019

Great supported way to do a fast

I have done many different types of "fasts" including water fasts etc. This reboot is like a supported fast, where you get the benefits but in a way thats much more manageable, really enjoyed it!
Emma K, Australia - 17/04/2019

Great way to kickstart your body into a healthier lifestyle

Loved this reboot! was a good way to try a few of these products, give the body a rest from eating, and just reset. My favourite was the bone broth! first one i have ever had that not only was drinkable but tasted good too
James H, California - 31/05/2018