Pruvit MCT//143

Pruvit MCT//143 is loaded with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), organic virgin coconut oil, and phosphatidylcholine (PC) to provide a powerful boost of ketones and brain power for optimized health. Formulated by Dr. Mary Newport to fuel the brain through the use of ketones, MCT//143 has been proven to boost ketone production and help the body experience the many benefits of ketosis.


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What is MCT//143?

Harvested from coconuts rich in fatty oils, the MCTs in Pruvit MCT//143 provide incredible ketone producing power. The tasteless and odorless oil can be put in any food or shake for an instant boost of ketones whenever you want.

Rather than being stored as fat or travelling through the digestive system, MCT//143 is immediately used by the liver for ketone production. This allows you to get lean and experience the multitude of benefits associated with ketosis without following a strict keto diet.

How Does it Work?

After you add a spoonful to any dish or shake, the MCT in MCT//143 gets directly transported from your small intestines into your liver, where they’ll help make ketones. When released into your bloodstream, these ketones provide instant energy and help support nutritional ketosis.

This streamlined process is what makes MCT//143 unique. Unlike other supplements that go through the normal digestive process, it goes straight to the liver and instantly begins to produce ketones.

PC + MCT = Healthy and Lean

Coconut oilThis revolutionary product is the perfect formula for energy optimization, ketosis, and whole body health. Derived primarily from the oils found in the heart of coconuts, Pruvit MCT 143 is a super food supplement.

However, in addition to being loaded with MCTs proven to spur ketone production, fat loss, and lean muscle growth, MCT//143 also contains lauric acid that suppresses bacteria growth and phosphatidylcholine for cell membrane health.

That’s right; it benefits the body from the head down to the toes!



Transition into Nutritional Ketosis and Stay There!

Rather than starving yourself while you wait for your body to begin burning stored fat for fuel, you can bridge the gap and transition into ketosis with ease with Pruvit. When regularly used several times each day, this product will help provide a steady flow of ketones into your bloodstream to support baseline ketosis.

You’ll also begin to notice your sugar and carb cravings diminishing, which will further help you remain in ketosis for long-term benefits and results.

How to Use this Revolutionary Product

Pruvit 143 is easy to take and make a regular part of your daily regime. You should begin by taking half of a teaspoon twice a day. Then, you should increase the amount to one teaspoon, 1 ½ teaspoons, and so on every two or three days.

While MCT//143 is light, smooth, and tasteless, its primary ingredient is coconut oil, which can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort when too much is taken. Therefore, it’s best to incorporate MCT//143 into foods and shakes. Fortunately, it’s tasteless, so it can be added to anything!

You can enjoy MCT//143 and receive an instant ketone boost by pouring a serving of the oil in almost all cold, warm, or hot foods. It can even be used as a cooking oil substitute. The options are literally endless, so you can enjoy a body and brain boost whenever you want.

Nonetheless, here are some suggested uses:

  • Smoothies – Up your smoothie game by adding a kick of ketones to your blender creations
  • Salad Dressing – Supercharge your salads by combining the flavorless oil with any vinaigrette or dressing
  • Tea and Coffee – Use alongside milk to thicken tea or coffee and improve upon their health benefits
  • Cooking Oil – All the stability of coconut oil without the flavor to fry and sauté virtually anything

In addition to these popular uses of MCT//143, it can also be added to cottage cheese, drizzled over veggies, added to soups, and more. You can even swish it in your mouth for a minute each day for improved oral hygiene.

In other words, it’s the perfect keto diet support supplement!

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Pruvit MCT//143
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A great MCT

Whilst a bit more pricey than many other MCTs, i love the coconut flavour, and mostly use it in shakes, and drizzled over veggies
Laura S, Vancouver, BC - 13/06/2018