Why Choose Us?

Andy Heathcote is Mr KetoMr Keto is a proud Independent Prüvit partner. We believe in their products and the benefits they bring to everyone. We see these products as being a powerful tool to change your lifestyle into a more keto way of living, and they provide strong support to make adhering to this new change much easier.

The key here is that lifestyle change is not easy, learning how to use the specific products effectively, how to change your diet, how to exercise most effectively and most importantly how to make it sustainable over the long term takes a great support team, and Mr Keto is that team. You do not just buy a product, you also get access to the Mr Keto community, all the resources that you may need along the way and of course us cheering you on every step.

The advantages of joining Mr Keto include:

  • Access to up to date and relevant information
  • Teamwork and community support, we want everyone to succeed in improving their health
  • Sharing the health successes of others through testimonials
  • Prompt response to questions and queries
  • Leadership opportunities for those interested in pursuing the promotion of a keto lifestyle
  • Assistance with product selection and use.

We have customer support on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about the products, Pruvit, or Mr Keto and what we do. You can email us at: info@mrketo.com, or the easiest way is to utilize the “ask a question” box at the bottom right of the screen. We pride ourselves on our fast response time, and a response will usually be made within 2 hours.

Where are the products shipped from?

The products are shipped from the Pruvit warehouse in the United states for orders within the USA, Canada and Australia. For orders in Asia products will ship from the warehouse based in Hong Kong. Pruvit ships all orders on behalf of every independent promoter in the world, so you can be assured they arrive safely and as fast as possible. The shipping option currently used for international shipments is lightning fast and arrives in a few days.

Why do we stand by the Pruvit products?

  1. There are hundreds of testimonials within the community about the benefits people from all walks of life have seen by using the products.
  2. We use them on a daily basis, and have done now for nearly 2 years with great results.
  3. Pruvit’s pure therapeutic ketones are the most bioidentical ketone salts on the market. Not only this but the new NAT technology is produced through a natural fermentation process, not synthetically made like some other products.
  4. Pruvit uses community marketing to spread the word about its life changing products, this means the people that love them most have the opportunity to share them and even be rewarded for it! We believe that is a great way to have a large community of people all changing their habits and lives together, all moving in the same direction.

Refund Policy

Mr Keto and Pruvit believe in these products so much that if within the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, you may return the unused portion of the product, for a full refund of the purchase amount, minus shipping and handling charges.